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  • Rohan Kamicheril

A Summer Fiesta, Tuesday, August 16

Revel in the best of summer with a menu that brings together some of our favourite traditional South Indian dishes with the glorious produce of the summer farmers’ market here in New York. We’ll have sweet, delicate scallop crudo with a crunch from Indian papads and a spicy-sweet kick from a summer fruit purée spiked with green chile. Lamb’s quarters, widely used across India, are one of our favourite summer greens, which we serve here with a hot ghee vinaigrette, lardons, and berries. And it wouldn’t be a summer menu without summer tomatoes, which we blister in a hot pan and serve with crunchy khakara, creamy ricotta, and a piquant ginger chutney. Our main course is pan-roasted salmon served with grilled zucchini and golden summer squash and kaachiya moru, a spicy and cool yoghurt-based curry from Kerala.

scallop crudo

summer fruit and papad

lamb’s quarters

bacon, berries, hot ghee vinaigrette

roasted summer tomatoes

khakara, ricotta, ginger chutney

pan-roasted salmon

grilled zucchini, kaachiya moru



The suggested donation for this dinner is $75 which includes three wine pairings. Email us to save your seats.

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