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Apr 27, 2018

Our Travel Menu


We've been gone such a long time, and in that long time we've eaten such a multitude of delicious things that we thought it'd only be fair to put together a sampling of some of our favorites for a very special welcome-back-to-New York dinner. We'll start with khadi-fafda, fried lentil-flour crullers served with a gram-flour chutney and lashings of a piquant cilantro sauce. Next we'll have hot, fluffy idlis slathered with soft sweet-cream butter and smothered with a fresh coconut chutney. The main course is sajje pongal, a spice-flecked millet porridge that we'll be topping with tender morsels of shrimp cooked in a fiery black pepper and curry leaf sauce. And for dessert, we'll have gasagase haalu, a lush, silken white poppyseed puree served with homemade rice vermicelli and a scoop of mixed berry ice cream. 



cilantro chutney 



sweet cream butter | coconut chutney 


khara pongal 

black pepper shrimp 


sihi shavige 

gasagase haalu | strawberry ice cream 


The suggested donation for this dinner is $65/ person, which includes wine pairings.  


Email us now at to reserve your seat! 

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